Jerry Frangas, Executive Director

Jerry was born in Denver, Colorado. He graduated from Golden High School, and has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Cleveland State University and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Denver. His prior employment experience includes working as the Research and Development Director at Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition, Clinical Coordinator for Central Shelter/New Genesis (a shelter that provided transitional services for people who were on parole, probation or chronically homeless), and serving eight years as a Colorado Legislator. He also has extensive direct experience in the areas of mental health and child welfare. Jerry was drawn to work for Focus because he believes that their service methodology is the best way to achieve success in preventing crime and ensuring access and utilization of mental health and substance abuse prevention services by those who were formerly incarcerated. “If we want to prevent people from reentering the criminal justice system, the community must reach out a helping hand. Focus offers the best way to accomplish this.”

Amanda De Herrera, Program Manager

Amanda started as Program Director at Focus Reentry in June 2015. Prior to that, she volunteered at Focus as a Mentor for three years and completed her Associates Degree in Criminal Justice at Front Range Community College. Amanda really enjoys working at Focus with clients and Mentors. She says that her most rewarding experiences involve successfully helping mentors to connect clients to mental health and substance abuse support services here in Boulder County. “I believe that it is critical to provide clients with the basic front end support and encouragement necessary to stay healthy mentally and to maintain sobriety. We make sure that clients can connect to these essential services upon release so that they do not fall through the cracks.” In her free time, Amanda likes to spend time with her family, doing things like family gatherings and outings. She also heads her daughter’s Girl Scout Troop and volunteers at her school.

Jennifer Edmiston, Consultant

You may also contact the staff at 720-304-6446 during regular business hours.

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