Nicky Marone, Executive Director 
Marone is a leading figure in learned helplessness, resilience, risk-taking and achievement with over 30 years experience. She is the author of four books published in nine languages worldwide. Marone and her work have been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, CNN, and various outlets. Previously, Marone served as the CEO of Smart-Girl, Inc. and was awarded the “Women Who Light Up the Community” in 2004 by the Boulder Chamber of Commerce.

May Mgbolu, Program Manager
Growing up along the Mexico/US border in Tucson, AZ has been a constant motivator for May to learn about social injustice and policy. Her experiences have led her to study how political narratives affect communities across diverse cultural and racial landscapes. May has served as a 2010 Young People For (YP4) Fellow, 2011-2012 Equal Justice Senior Fellow for the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network, and has participated in various projects aimed to end school-to-prison-pipeline policies and address the avenues in which individuals become entangled in the criminal system.

Jennifer Edmiston, Consultant
Edmiston became a resident of Boulder County in 2007 when she became an inmate at Boulder County Jail. By 18 she was an alcoholic and quickly became introduced to cocaine then “speed.” For 15 years, she was an addict with countless convictions. Today, Edmiston is a FOCUS graduate, has been sober and clean for 7 years, has regained custody of her three children and is a Manager at a call center. She currently serves on the Advisory Council for FOCUS Reentry and as a Consultant for FOCUS trainings and workshops.

Brenna Regan, FOCUS Volunteer Staff
Regan graduated from the University of Connecticut with degrees in Environmental Justice and Sociology. Through her coursework and involvement with groups including Students for Sensible Drug Policy, ACLU of Connecticut and local parole offices, she learned about the prison industrial complex and the endless woes of our criminal justice system. Since then, she has been determined to work toward reducing recidivism and dismantling our punitive justice system by supporting alternatives to mass incarceration.

Brent Nicholas, FOCUS Volunteer Staff
He has an M.A. in Linguistics and taught at CU Boulder for about 6 years.  During Nicholas’ Ph.D. program he got caught up in the legal system.  As an ex-offender, he is passionate about the criminalization of mental illness and creating reform within the prison industrial complex. Today, Nicholas uses his personal experience to create awareness and educate the community.

You may also contact the staff at 720-304-6446 during regular business hours.