FOCUS Reentry has been operating since 2005. FOCUS Reentry started with one mentor and one client; today the impact is large and growing through community outreach and the FOCUS Replicable Model.

FOCUS Reentry has achieved a 17% recidivism rate in contrast to Boulder County’s 65% and the state of Colorado’s 52% recidivism rates. Each year FOCUS Reentry saves Boulder County approximately $600,000. The results indicate that the presence of a trained and committed adult mentor for an ex-offender reentering and reintegrating into society offers a key component to the success and achievement of self-sufficiency for an individual.

As FOCUS Reentry’s approach continues to be identified as a unique program nationally, FOCUS aligns its program with evidence-based practices and theories of behavioral change. As 95% of inmates return to their communities the need for reentry programs and services becomes essential to criminal justice reform.

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