Why I became a FOCUS Mentor

I have been a FOCUS Mentor since September, 2006, and I am presently working with my second client. It has become clear to me that there are many people in our penal system who are trying really hard to work out their problems and learn to lead productive lives. However, they meet with many frustrations that make it more difficult for them to make meaningful changes… I believe it is significant that FOCUS chooses people who are ready to make a change, and therefore, they put their efforts where they will do the most good. I sincerely believe that I am making a difference in people’s lives, and that is very gratifying to me.

— M.H.

 The question I asked myself is, “How can I as an average person do anything to make my world a safer place and still hold to the belief that people deserve the chance to change?” I decided that mentoring was a good start. After taking the FOCUS training, which was very helpful, I was assigned a client. So far my experience has been rewarding. FOCUS provides on going training and mentor meetings which allows the mentors to get valuable information and exchange helpful hints. There are so many wonderful success stories and so many waiting to be told. I know I will never change the whole world but what I can do is change my little piece of it.

— D.L.

Why I chose to have a mentor

 I chose to participate in the FOCUS PROGRAM while incarcerated at the Boulder County Jail. I knew immediately this was the program I had to be in if I was going to successfully change my life. I knew from previous attempts I could not do such a transformation alone. I had to have someone on my side: a person in my sober court working towards a common goal. My mentor is an angel. She has been my advocate and example in reintegrating into the community. I needed guidance and a companion while on a life transformation.

I had the best of intentions meeting all my legal obligations, changing my life even before my incarceration I would probably still have the best of intentions rather than actually DOING it if it werent for the FOCUS PROGRAM. The program gave me the tools anyone needs to tackle such a task. I was given a phone, rides to appointments, job searching, gift cards for food, clothes, the list goes on…

I continue to work with my mentor and the FOCUS PROGRAM. I’m 11 months into the program. I have a job, apartment, a relationship with my children, family and friends. I attribute this to the program. FOCUS PROGRAM is a program of HOPE. 

This is the greatest opportunity for anyone with a desire for change. 

— J.E.