FOCUS Reentry Ribbon Cut

FOCUS is proud to announce its new office space at HOPE Boulder Foursquare Church.


Each year thousands of incarcerated adults are released back into Boulder County lacking the material, social, emotional, and mental stability required to rebuild their lives. This lack of stability, along with the often impoverished, marginalized, and crime-ridden environments to which they return, contributes significantly to the problem of recidivism. Decades of research shows that an offender is likely to recidivate within 72 hours if basic needs are not met—shelter, food, clothing, and medications—or what inmates call “3 hots and a cot.” It is evident that the social impact of recidivism is extensive, including increased homelessness, the destruction of families, children in turmoil, and an over-burdened criminal justice system.


FOCUS Reentry provides highly-trained, volunteer mentors who help offenders establish stable lives and achieve self-sufficiency  by:

- connecting offenders to basic needs

- modeling pro-social and pro-health behaviors for offenders

- encouraging offenders to interact with positive social grou


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